ZiniTevi iOS

ZiniTevi iOS version now you can download on your iPhone,iPad for free and safe.This application has facilitated to stream movies and TV shows to Apple TV too.This application download and install on your iOS running iPhone/iPad is completely free from conditions.You don’t need to provide your Apple ID or Passcode at all.You just need to tap on the download button and follow the instructions.Where you can download this application on your either device that jailbroken or non jailbroken.This application is independent from your Apple device software restrictions.Furthermore Apple terms and conditions are not imposing on ZiniTevi iOS version. This page will provide you all you need ipa files and the direct downloading links without redirection.

ZiniTevi iOS Requirements

This application require iOS 6 or latest.Currently you can download this application on the latest iOS firmware.You need to follow very simple steps to download and install this application.Please use the download button and our ZiniTevi download page to download this application on your iPhone/iPad.

ZiniTevi iOS Features

This application claim to important features that you never thought.Among those features available important features that you need to know when you are using this application.

  • Free movies
  • No need money at all
  • Free from terms and conditions
  • All available movies and TV Shows will provide you related subtitles with more than 20 languages
  • Licence free
  • 100% legal
  • Directly downloading your videos
  • No need any download manager

Define Of ZiniTevi iOS

A definition for ZiniTevi iOS is an important.Because Apple doesn’t let to third party applications to download and install on their platform with the strictly imposing terms and conditions.Therefore most of apps and games should buy for credits.So we would like to give following definition to ZiniTevi iOS due to its uniqueness.

ZiniTevi iOS version is the version that Apple allows to download and install without hardware or software restrictions as well as no money requirements.

Why you should use ZiniTevi iOS ?

This application is completely free from annoying terms and conditions.Therefore users can easily use this application and fulfill their all cinema needs.No need to provide your billing details or personal informations at all. So we highly recommend you to use this application on your Apple device and feel your freedom with unlimited movies,TV shows,Cartoons & Animations.

Stream Movies?TV Shows To Apple TV

Via ZiniTevi iOS version you can stream videos to your Apple TV too.First of all you should download this application on your iPhone & iPad.Then you can manipulate this application to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on your Apple TV with your family.

How to stream movies/TV shows To Apple TV

Please follow the complete guide to watch movies on your Apple TV For Free.Please scan the QR code and follow the instructions that the downloading page provided.

ZiniTevi iOS Download

Please use the downloading button and go to our download page and follow the instructions that we have given.Finally please trust this application on your device with navigating Settings>>General>>Profile & Device Management and Trust this application.

ZiniTevi iOS No Revoke Version

Now this application’s No revoke version available.Please follow our instructions to download and install this version of ZiniTevi.

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