ZiniTevi Movies Related Covid-19 & Prevention

First of all we would like to wish the 100% cure for Covid-19 affected all people in around the world.Today we thought to provide most trusted information on this matter beyond our keyword indeed.This is a global plague which has been affected on all people in the world.At the movement more than 7000 people have been died due to this deadly virus condition.But according to the health service specialists ,we can fight with Covid-19 successfully with following the proper sanitary method which have been introduced by WHO.ZiniTevi contains this pandemic disease related movies for free.WE would like to invite you to watch those movies and realize that how was world seen this prior to spread.

What is the responsibility of each person to prevent from Covid-19 ?

This is the most vital part of the process that people must follow to prevent from this deadly virus indeed.

If you have been suffering with the symptoms that Covid-19 infected people might be show such as ,

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath

As soon as possible go to your nearest hospital and take the essential advice to confirm that whether you have been infected or not.If you can do this before you are going to socialized ,you will protect an entire community which you used to meet daily.

Even though yo have been not infected with Covid-19, please follow ,

Regularly Wash Your Hands

Use a soap or anything else with alcohol contained and wash your hand with those at least 20 seconds properly.

Why ? This hand washing destroying the virus properly

Keep The Distance more than 1m with the public

You must stay away from the sneezing and coughing people indeed.Wear a mask.

Why ? Because the virus can spread off with the droplets and contaminate on your body.It will be the cause to affected you and your surround.

Do not Touch your Eyes,Nose or Mouth

If you are touching always your eyes,nose,mouth ,the virus can be inserted to the body via those places of your body and you will be sicked.

If you are showing the Symptoms ,

Get the medical advises from the health care officer and stay at home under supervision of them.

If you are not yet affected with this virus,please stay at home and follow the proper sanitary methods.

High Immunity

If you have a good immunity system ,you will be protected than the low immunity people.Therefore our recommendation is take a very well nutrition contained foods daily.

Drink more and more water

Maintain your personal sanitary properly

Stay at home without any companionship with others.This is the most important fact to prevent the spread of the virus .


Covid-19 is not a hard thing.Let’s destroy this deadly virus and help to each other to get rid from this virus.Finally we bless to all people around the world to protect from this virus.