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When we are dedicating movies and TV shows at we are extremely highly aware about visitors privacy protection.We are affiliated to protect visitors personal information that we have collected to provide a fruitful service to them.This privacy policy page of will provide you a well descriptive information about this manner and how we are going to do this throughout

We only ask your personal information when we need truly to provide you a satisfied & lawful service.Hence we would like to invite you to read completely our privacy policy terms & conditions and we are glad to connect our visitors on this manner with their knowledge and consent.

Way that we collect your information

We only ask your email or other personal information to provide you a perfect and better service .We collect your personal information while you are connecting with us via comment on us as a feedback.These information we collecting we are doing with visitors knowledge & consent only.Lawful means your knowledge and consent our terms.

Data Types We Collect

  1. Personal Data
  2. Usage Data
  3. Cookies Data

As the personal data we would be asked from you,

  • Email Address
  • User Name
  • Website

These information will be help us to identify you and your target only.Therefore do not be backward to provide your personal information to us.

As the usage data we collect some information from Google Analytic to get an idea that how our visitors behave on the website such as,

  • How many times visit
  • When they arrived to website
  • Time and date that they visited
  • Time spent on the website

Cookies data we are not using to tracking purposes indeed.

How do we protect your personal information ?

We keep your personal information that we asked only while we provide you asked service.Aftermath of that we remove those information from our database without exposing to the public.This justification we performed lawfully and on a trusted way.Furthermore those information we use to detect some harmful comments and spam detection.

Where we would like to inform specially for our visitors that our website has been linked with other useful websites purposely that we are not maintaining.Hence when you are dealing with those websites please read the privacy policy of those sites prior to provide your personal information obviously.

If you are facing any kind of trouble with ZiniTevi,please contact us freely and ask the method that you have for overcome from those troubles.Where we are affiliated to protect your personal information 100% with our maximum effort.

We are using your personal information for,

  • To prevent some technical issues that might be occured
  • To observe the usage of our site
  • To analytic data
  • To inform you the main changes of our site
  • To provide you an update note
  • To send you the latest news

Privacy Policy Update

We are updating our privacy policy terms and conditions periodically when it needs.Hence we would like to invite you to read often to get an idea about the updates.This will help you to understand that what are the terms and conditions that you should follow when you are connecting with us.

Last Updated On:02.03.2020

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