ZiniTevi Latest V1.1.2 Download On iOS 13.4.1-Latest Update

As the most using third party movie streaming application,ZiniTevi latest V1.1.2 download on your iOS 13.4.1 running iPhone or iPad device.This will show you some important sides of ZiniTevi with its latest updated version.Please check this and upgrade your current ZiniTevi iOS version to the latest.

Features on ZiniTevi V1.1.2

  • Performance updates
  • Previous bug fixes
  • Security updates
  • Small installation package
  • Fast loading

How to update your current ZiniTevi version to the latest V1.1.2

Turn on your wi-fi connection

Please open ZiniTevi application on your device

Go to Settings[This is existing at the right of bottom ]

Tap Settings

Then tap Check Update

Then tap Install

If you are a new one to ZiniTevi

Please follow the steps that we have given below with directions.Prior to follow the instructions,please follow precautions methods to keep your device protect.

ZiniTevi Downloading Precautions

  1. Take a backup of your device
  2. Use a stable internet connection
  3. Do not provide credit card details at all
  4. Use only our download links

ZiniTevi Download On iOS 13.4.1

  • Step 01:Please use the link that we have given
  • Step 02:Then choose iOS download button
  • Step 03:Hit Install
  • Step 04:Then go to your device home screen and check the application installing
  • Step 05:Once the installation completed go to Settings>>General>>Profile & Device Manager >>Trust this application on your device

Now you can use this application to watch 10000 of free movies and TV shows.

How to download Movies/TV shows Using ZiniTevi

Tap on the video that you selected to download

You will be directed to the Download/Watch online page

Hit the Download button

You will be received a prompt up message As “App was unable to access videos.sorry!”

They have suggested the solution too.

Please tap Go To Settings

You will be directed to the ZiniTevi Settings of your iPhone/iPad.

Please tap Enable

Now you can download videos without any other restriction

ZiniTevi iOS V1.1.2 Download Mirror method

Please scan the QR code on your iPhone/iPad

How to open your device QR code scanner

Go to your device control center.Where you can open QR code scanner.If it will not be available please follow the way that you can get it on to your control center.

Settings>>Control Centre>>Customise Controls>>More Controls>>Tap On Green Color + Mark which existing infront of QR Code Reader

You may willing to read

ZiniTevi Latest Movies

How to stream ZiniTevi Movies On Google’s Chromecast & etc….

ZiniTevi Latest Movies On Android-Latest Update

ZiniTevi has dedicates a bulk of latest free movies and TV shows for its Android users as well as iOS users.This is the time to watch your favorite movies without going anywhere such as movie theater.This article will direct you to download and install ZiniTevi APK on your Android smart device extremely for free.Please before you continue the reading hit the latest APK version to install on your device this application.

ZiniTevi Special Features

This application belongs few special features that users would like to experience.Among those features some features are very important to parents who have possessed small children.Please check this out and realize that such a massive area has been covered by its developer.

  • All movies & TV Shows subtitles available on different languages
  • Categorized well and specially for kids
  • Kids Zone
  • Even though Ads contain on this application,those ads are not troubling
  • Fewer ads contains
  • Directly downloading facilities available
  • Full HD videos you can watch

The latest movies on ZiniTevi ?

As a regularly updating movie streaming application,ZiniTevi stands to dedicate you a bulk of free movies and TV shows with subtitles.From here keep reading and decide that what you need to watch and the way that you need to watch either online or offline.

  • Ad Astra (2019)
  • Bad Boys For Life (2020)
  • Bloodshot(2020)
  • Birds Of Prey(2020)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog(2020)
  • Onward(2020)
  • Underwater(2020)

Those movies are all released between in 2019-2020.All are available to download or watch online on ZiniTevi.Therefore you can watch those movies with this application using your Android smart device.

ZiniTevi Android Requirements

  • Just your device(Android V4.0 or higher)
  • Stable & fast internet connection
  • The latest ZiniTevi APK file

How To Download Videos On Your Android Device From ZiniTevi

  1. Just tap on the selected video
  2. Then you will see a download button below to the cover photo of your movie
  3. Then tap on the Download button
  4. Will be prompted up a message to Enable access
  5. Hit Go to Settings & Enable

ZiniTevi Download On Apple TV,Smart TV,FireStick,Chromcast,Roku,MiBox,PlayStation,Xbox,PC,Laptop-2020[Update]

Here we are with a new and the only way that you can touch with your finger tip to make your leisure time more fun with your family.ZiniTevi stands to give you that chance for free and with modern technology.Basically this application facilitates movies & TV shows on Apple iPhone,iPad & Android smart devices.But if you want to make it a real home theater that you can watch movies with Apple TV,Smart TV,FireStick,Chromcast,Roku,MiBox,PlayStation,Xbox & etc…….

App Features

  • Watch videos online and offline
  • You can download videos multiple manner in background mode
  • Create your favorite movie list
  • Videos are available with multilingual

ZiniTevi On Fire TV Stick

Before you are going to do this please make it easy with enable “Unknown Sources”.After math of this step please follow respectively following steps.

  • Step 01:Launch Firestick
  • Step 02:Choose My Fire TV[You can find out this option on Settings]
  • Step 03:Now tap on Developer Option
  • Step 04:Then Enable Unknown Sources
  • Step 05:Then search Downloader[Just press your Home Button on your Fire TV remote & and search this]
  • Step 06:Navigate Download>>Download Button>>Open Button
  • Step 07:Downloader App>>Settings>>Enable Javascript
  • Step 08:Enter https://zinitevi.org/movieapp/ & press install .
  • Give it to its time install

ZiniTevi On PC/Laptop/MacOS

  • Please download and install ZiniTevi on your iOS or Android smart device
  • Then please play the video that you are willing to watch
  • Tap on the WIFI icon at top end
  • Now copy the link that prompted up on the scree
  • Past the link on your web browser

Watch Videos Via Google’s Chromecast,Smart TV ,Roku,Mibox Using ZiniTevi

Please turn on your Chromecast.

Please all your devices to the same Wi-Fi connection

Play your desired video and tap on Cast icon on top bar

Now select your device from the list that you need to watch your video using on it.

We suppose that we have given you enough information to our fans so far.Please follow the instruction and enjoy this application in your leisure time.

ZiniTevi Latest Update On 07.04.2020

ZiniTevi team has been working hard on it to improve its performance & features.Now this application’s latest updated version available to download on your iOS and Android smart devices for free.Please check the updates with following navigation link.

ZiniTevi V 1.1.1 Download

You can watch latest & old all movies and TV shows with subtitles.Either download or watch online movies that you are desired to watch.You can watch trailer videos too.

Upcoming Movies That Available On Zinitevi

All upcoming movies are available on ZiniTevi and you can get all details on particular movie/TV show.This application regularly updating with latest movies.


  • What is ZiniTevi ?

This is a movie streaming application provide its free service.You can make your own movie theater.

  • Is ZiniTevi Free To Download ?

Yes indeed.This application and its contains are 100% free to download.

  • Is ZiniTevi Legal ?

This application is still not under go for a legal action yet.

  • Is ZiniTevi required Jailbreak method ?

Not at all.This application download you can perform with either jailbreak or not.

  • ZiniTevi Download require PC ?

No need any PC or Laptop.This application download require only your smart device and a stable internet connection only.

  • Are All Videos Full HD ?

Yes all videos are Full HD.

  • Before I download ZiniTevi ,Should I keep my device Airplane mode ?

Not at all.This application download id 100% safe and trustful.

How To upgrade ZiniTevi ?

Once you launch this application on your smart device,it will be prompted up the upgrade message.Please just hit the Install button to upgrade this application.

How to prevent from threats that might be happen when download Zinitevi ?

  • Take a backup of your device prior to the process begins
  • Use a stable internet connection

What are the best ZiniTevi Alternatives in 2020 ?

If you suppose that this article was good one on your target,please leave a comment on us and share your knowledge with us.Thank you.

What Are The Latest Movies/TV Shows On ZiniTevi On 02.04.2020-Latest Update

Here we are back with a latest update on ZiniTevi lovers that they hoped so far.We have to give you a tremendous architectural things that you would be experienced with this amazing third party movie streaming application. If you are a new fish on this pond,please read more and make a trustful confidence on this application obviously.After that you can get more than 10000 of free movies indeed.

ZiniTevi Download Latest In 2020

Before we talk about the main topic,let’s see why you should use this application to watch movies/TV shows ?We can point out some thing important things on ZiniTevi and its behaviors.

  • 100% free movies to download or online watch
  • Subtitles also available
  • Direct download without download manager
  • No need to use any websites
  • Latest updates at every second
  • Installing capacity is very low
  • Can remove easily
  • Jailbroken/Nonjailbroken devices
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device

If you have got the idea on this application ,you may willing to download and install this application on your device obviously.This article will help you to figure it out indeed.

ZiniTevi Architecture

  • Popular movies
  • Trending Movies
  • Popular TV Shows
  • Trending TV Shows
  • Top Actors & Actresses

Those which mentioned labeled are the main topics that movies & TV Shows are available.Under these labeled you can get all your willing genres too.

Popular Movies In 2020

  • John Wick
  • The Lion King
  • AD Astra
  • BloodShot
  • Bad Boys For Life
  • Birds Of Prey
  • Gladiator
  • The Platform
  • Sonic The Hedgehog

Trending Movies In 2020

  • Bad Boys For Life
  • Start Wars
  • Birds Of Prey
  • BloodShot
  • Sonic The Hedgehog

Popular TV Shows in 2020

  • Thieves Of The Wood
  • True Cooking Master Boys
  • West world
  • Law & Order:Special Victims Unit

Trending TV Shows in 2020

  • Honey Heist
  • West World
  • The Walking Dead
  • Ozark

Except those movies and TV shows you can check what are the movies and TV shows that available with your favorite Actors & Actresses are acting on.

ZiniTevi- The Best App For Movies And TV Shows-Latest Update

ZiniTevi is the most user friendly third party app which allows you to stream, watch and download latest and famous movies and TV shows on your all smart devices. There are thousands of movies and TV shows of different genres which can be easily selected with its amazing categorization. Now it is available for latest versions of Android and Apple iOS including all the mobile devices and android and apple smart TVs. The app’s all the new user allied interface with necessary details makes it more easy to access and use in the way you want all the time.

What’s New in ZiniTevi Latest Version?

  • Play online and offline videos 
  • Download background mode multiple videos
  • Stream video to Google’s Chromecast, Airplay, Smart TV, Android TV Box, Web Browser, UPnP, DLNA.
  • Add movies and TV shows to update favorite lists.
  • Save watched ones to a list.
  • Load subtitles in any language you want
  • Synchronize watched and favorites list to the cloud.


You don’t want to bother about the security of the app. It is tested and recommended by our trusted users. The new version has fixed all the bugs and updated with many more for all Android and iOS devices. Especially for iOS it doesn’t require jailbreak and may include some adds, but it doesn’t make disturbances for your zest.

ZiniTevi Download

Follow the steps given in the download page to have an uninterrupted download and installation according to the device you are using.

We are offering most trusted and latest versions of entertaining apps among many untrusted fake apps exist in the internet. We introduce you many more alternatives and regular updates of them if any of our apps are not working properly with your devices. So stay with us and be updated to have your joy.

Why you should use this Application Actually ?

We can provide you some important factors on ZiniTevi to prove that this is the best third party movie streaming application.Please read carefully and get the idea that you need to know prior to use this application.

  • All contains are free
  • Subtitles also available
  • They have given more space to children
  • No way to revoke
  • Small install package
  • Very simple and easy to handle
  • One direction downloading facilities
  • Fast loading speed and downloading speed
  • Full HD videos

What are the latest on ZiniTevi ?

Jumanji:The Next Level(2019)

Where we needed to focus you that facilities which have been given ZiniTevi for its users.Once you tap on the chosen movie,you will be directed to the download option.

Where you can get the entire description on this movie such as ,Cast,Crew,Genres.You can directly download your video or watch online too.

ZiniTevi Movies Related Pandemics In Brief-2020

Pandemic disease related movies are available on ZiniTevi.You can watch those movies for free from this third party movie streaming application for free with free subtitles.Pandemics are widespread diseases that can be limited to a certain region or to the whole world according to its power of spreading. Historical facts and records show us that there were different types of pandemics that affected the whole humankind at different levels in past decades and centuries. Pandemics can draw thousands of people into death which are really like a curse of nature when the people fail to serve it in a balanced manner, which means with the excessive consumption of anything from a small drop of air to huge tanks of fossil fuels nature becomes a victim of it and in return, it starts to function the law of naturalism.

When taking the history of pandemics to the discussion, one of the most remarkable devastating pandemics in the history was the Black Death which massacred up to 200 million people in the 14th century which defeated the people in several forms of plague such as septicemic, pneumonic and, the most common bubonic symptoms. It was mainly spread in Europe and near eastern countries. Modern world pandemics include HIV/AIDS and as the most recent one Corona virus/COVID-19 which affected the whole world which is already declared as a global outbreak by the World Health Organization. Other considerable pandemics in the history include the 1918 influenza pandemic (Spanish flu) and the 2009 flu pandemic (H1N1). Instead of these, SARS-CoV (2002) and Ebola virus disease (2014) are also remarkable pandemics which the people got struggled with.

Pandemics really have no restrictions when they get started to spread among the people if they failed to follow the necessary precautions and also they can cross even international boundaries and affect a large number of people all around the world. It is accelerated by globalization and which can be identified as another dark side of global interconnections. Most of the pandemics are spread through micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi, etc. in contact of air, water, touch, and sexual intercourse or any other person to person or person to environmental connection. Today World Health Organization is the major world level institution or organization which fights against these pandemics where there is a good hierarchical structure that connects all the countries in the world. In here, the health units of each country have to dedicate a lot to prevent from these pandemics which has already been proven in front of our eyes through the most reason act of those responsible units during this coronavirus outbreak which has become a great threat to 99% of modern-day mankind out of 195 countries exist on the planet.

Managing a pandemic is a kind of extreme responsibility of all the people including general civilian to pioneering people of a country such as president, prime minister and minister of health, etc. It cannot be done only through laws or restrictions but the major dedication should be done by the general public of the country. Quarantine is a good precaution to identify and analyze such a pandemic or epidemic disease. Therefore people must be responsible in this case and they should offer their fullest cooperation in such situations to face the challenge effectively. As the wisest animal on the earth humans must be more sensitive to their own kind. Their only purpose should be to serve their intimates in a way that they can offer at the moment. Where there will be a society in which the people think such a way, their unity and strength would be the greatest barrier against these pandemics and also it will be the obvious beginning for the life journey of the members of the future generation who expects a better tomorrow than today in which their elders are being always suffered a lot.

200 GB Free Download Movies/TV Shows & Other Entertainment Videos From ZiniTevi-No Conditions Apply.

Now ZiniTevi offer you a 200 GB free downloading package to download or watch online latest and old movies as well as TV shows.You can select your desired movies/TV shows and download on any smart device such as iPhone,iPad,Android.This is the best offer that ever given for movie lovers and be hurry download the application for free on your smart device and follow the instructions that we have given.

Please hit the downloading bundle and navigate to your targeted page and follow the basic download instructions.Where we must mention that ZiniTevi is a 100% free application which not ask money.Therefore you can complete the entire process.

What can you download with 200 GB downloading package ?

You can do any thing that you are willing to do.As you already know the ZiniTevi is the best ever released third party movie streaming free application that both iOS and Android users can use.

  • Latest & Old Movies with sub titles
  • TV Shows
  • Upcoming movie videos
  • Entertainments

The most important thing on this package is not asking any personal information and you can download directly on your smart device.This is a good opportunity to movie lovers to get their preferred movies on their smart devices without using any web pages.

Where we must mention another important characteristics on this application that might be useful to its users.

  • Fast loading speed
  • Small install package
  • Fast downloading speed
  • High quality videos
  • Free subtitles for particular video on a multilingual

Kids Movies For Free With Filtered Basis

A bulk of Kids movies are available on this application with a suitable interface.All kids movies are very well suitable for kids and do not contain any harmful ads or videos.Hence you can use this application to show kddy movies fearlessly .

What is the process of ZiniTevi downloading ?

Please hit the download package and follow the instructions where given.No need to provide your credit card details or any other billing details.Please hit the button and do the things that you need to do.

ZiniTevi Movies Related Covid-19 & Prevention

First of all we would like to wish the 100% cure for Covid-19 affected all people in around the world.Today we thought to provide most trusted information on this matter beyond our keyword indeed.This is a global plague which has been affected on all people in the world.At the movement more than 7000 people have been died due to this deadly virus condition.But according to the health service specialists ,we can fight with Covid-19 successfully with following the proper sanitary method which have been introduced by WHO.ZiniTevi contains this pandemic disease related movies for free.WE would like to invite you to watch those movies and realize that how was world seen this prior to spread.

What is the responsibility of each person to prevent from Covid-19 ?

This is the most vital part of the process that people must follow to prevent from this deadly virus indeed.

If you have been suffering with the symptoms that Covid-19 infected people might be show such as ,

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath

As soon as possible go to your nearest hospital and take the essential advice to confirm that whether you have been infected or not.If you can do this before you are going to socialized ,you will protect an entire community which you used to meet daily.

Even though yo have been not infected with Covid-19, please follow ,

Regularly Wash Your Hands

Use a soap or anything else with alcohol contained and wash your hand with those at least 20 seconds properly.

Why ? This hand washing destroying the virus properly

Keep The Distance more than 1m with the public

You must stay away from the sneezing and coughing people indeed.Wear a mask.

Why ? Because the virus can spread off with the droplets and contaminate on your body.It will be the cause to affected you and your surround.

Do not Touch your Eyes,Nose or Mouth

If you are touching always your eyes,nose,mouth ,the virus can be inserted to the body via those places of your body and you will be sicked.

If you are showing the Symptoms ,

Get the medical advises from the health care officer and stay at home under supervision of them.

If you are not yet affected with this virus,please stay at home and follow the proper sanitary methods.

High Immunity

If you have a good immunity system ,you will be protected than the low immunity people.Therefore our recommendation is take a very well nutrition contained foods daily.

Drink more and more water

Maintain your personal sanitary properly

Stay at home without any companionship with others.This is the most important fact to prevent the spread of the virus .


Covid-19 is not a hard thing.Let’s destroy this deadly virus and help to each other to get rid from this virus.Finally we bless to all people around the world to protect from this virus.

Netflix Movies Free Watching On ZiniTevi

ZiniTevi is the best third party freeware that currently available on iOS and Android running smart devices.Actually ZiniTevi is very simple and fascinating to its users and will not be asked any invitation code or Password ID.Once you download this app on your device and launch it on your device.You will be wondered with the contains of this application indeed.

Actually all Netflix movies and TV shows are available on this application without asking money.Netflix not let you to login for free.You should pay to register on this movie streaming platform first.But ZiniTevi will not be asked any credit to join with it.

What are the latest On Netflix ?

Bird Box

Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution

Spenser Confidential


6 Underground

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

Where we have given some sort of famous movie list and you can watch more than given indeed.This as just a motivation on our movie lovers.

What does ZiniTevi Give You ?

It gives a bulk of movies and TV shows for free either online watching or download .Direct downloading facilities available and it has allocated a children Zone too.This application contains a lot of kids movies too.

Why ZiniTevi Special More Than Other Applications ?

Where we can mention several points that ZiniTevi express its capability to give its service to users for free.Please keep reading and get an idea about this application and its contains.

  • 100% free movie/TV show downloading
  • Direct downloads
  • On iPhone/iPad you can download movies without restricted
  • Very simple user interface
  • Allocated a child zone
  • Easy navigation
  • While playing a video you can download
  • Subtitles also available

ZiniTevi Download Using a QR code scan On iOS 13.3.1

Please go to your control center of iPhone/iPad and scan below QR code.Then you should follow the steps that we have given.

  • Step 01:Once you scan the QR code you will be received a popup message.Please hit the Install
  • Step 02:Then ZiniTevi will be installed on your device
  • Step 03:When it finished navigate Settings>>General>>Profile & Device Management & Trust this enterprise on your device.

Now you can use this application to get your favorite Netflix movies for free.Please watch the video to get more information.